Get to know your friendly neighborhood Salty Crew! Here are the hosts of the Salty Nerd Podcast!

Alex The Salty Nerd

The original Salty Nerd! Alex started the Salty Nerd Podcast in response to haters online who disliked his (rather rational) takes on pop culture. After being told to “Stop being such a Salty Nerd!” Alex did what any good superhero does and adopted the monicker as his new identity. Now, Alex runs the Salty Nerd Podcast so he can be as Salty as he darn well pleases. Also – F*ck yeah, Dinosaurs! (Alex loves dinosaurs.) @salty_nerd

Matt Vader

Instead of being fueled by the Dark Side, Matt Vader is fueled by caffeine, always being sure to have a minimum of five shots before every podcast. Vader is older and wiser than any other member of the Salty Crew, and isn’t afraid to let us know it! Prone to random bouts of pure Salt, if there’s one thing you can say about this Dark Lord, it’s that he’s (not) a plucky sidekick! Boobs. @MattVader74

Matthew Kadish

Author and novelist Matthew Kadish isn’t afraid to share his opinion or his experiences when talking about the entertainment industry. When he’s not wasting time watching milkshakes brought to the yard on Tik Tok, he’s asking people to check out his big ol’ brain by acting like a smarty pants and using big words. Also – little known fact – he used to work in Hollywood. @MatthewKadish

Jude JuJu

The Ambassador of Estrogen herself, Jude is the token female whose job it is to give a woman’s perspective to the sausage-fest that is the Salty Nerd Podcast. She enjoys long walks on the beach, fine red wines, and smashing the patriarchy. @IAmJudeJuJu